About us

We are a small freebuild RPG survival server, which tries to bring some story into the game in a relaxed way. And you play an important role in it.

You start on our server with the rank Nomad and then slowly climb up over 10 ranks, where each rank offers more possibilities. From the rank Duke on you get a small territory where you can set the rules according to your wishes. Everyone who settles in your territory has to follow your rules. The territory gets bigger as soon as you rise in rank. After the rank of Duke, there are the ranks of Lord and King, which have larger territories than the Duke.

But that's not the important thing. We want to create an RPG feeling in Minecraft. For this reason, we use selected plugins like McMMO, Citizens and Luckyperms. Also, in the future, we will hide dungeons in the freebuild world that contain rare treasures and artifacts. We will also be building "Free Cities" in the freebuild world where you can settle, trade, and/or accept quests.

If you are afraid that your buildings will be destroyed or your items will be stolen, we can reassure you. You don't have to buy a territory or anything like that. You just go and build as big as you want and how you want. Our server team will make sure that everything stays the way you left it. If someone really does damage or steal something, we have ways to undo the damage and find and punish the culprit. We have decided to make so much work for us, so that everything keeps running and you have the greatest possible freedom to live your life. Without having to worry if something happens to your stuff.

At the end we want to say that Northdeer is about us, the players, and we have the possibility to play relaxed and to develop and grow as a community.