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    Dark: Light, tell me a story.

    Light: Before there was time, before there was anything... there was nothing. And before there was ntothing... there was an Entity.

    Umbra: What happened to the Entity?

    Light: The Entity posessed three Faces, the Dark (death), the Light (birth) and the Inbetween.

    Dark: What do you mean with "inbetween"?

    Light: Existence is not black and white, its vast, colourful and chaotic.
    Umbra: So what about the other faces?

    Light: The light, represented by the sun, marking the birth of the first stars gave birth to the universe, spreading the seed of creation all around the realm of reality.

    Dark: What about the dark?

    Light: The dark, represented by the moon, bringing along a veil of darkness, brought death to the life, giving the birth that the light created a meaning.
    Light: At that point the Umbra, giving existence the most important asset of all, life. The inbetween of Birth and Death.
    Umbra: But what is the Umbra represented by?

    Light: The Umbra, using both the power of birth and death, is represented by the Solar and Lunar Eclipse. Building the bridge between the Dark and the Light.

    Nexus, the Empire of the First Flame, is a collaboration work between InFoosion and Sedivh(me),

    built not too far to the southwest of the spawn of the world. We've been working hard to achieve

    the goals we've initially planned when we first joined Northdeer, about a year ago.

    Since then, we have worked day and night to realize the kingdom we envisioned

    into the server, and integrating it as best we can into both the story and the

    land of Northdeer.

    We've got lots of things to share, and here's the current blueprint of the region, of what we intend to do!

    So far, Foosion has build the Northern Fortress, and parts of the ports. I have built the beginnings of that large cathedral, and the tower.


    Now, what might the Rainbow of colored circles mean?

    The orange, at the edges of the whole empire, are the locations of the planned Forts that will watch over the kingdom's walls in silent watch over any invaders or threats.

    While the red area is the commoner's area, where large wheat fields cover your sight, to the very horizon. All the farms here feed the entire population of the whole kingdom.

    The dark blue area is where the quarry of the kingdom, where the richest minerals and the strongest stones are mined, processed, and shipped to the rest of the kingdom, for building or for trading at the port.

    In yellow, speaking of trading, are the docks of the kingdom, that harbor within ships of all types, from merchant ships to transport and, some times, you might see galleons depart to conquer distant lands...

    The holy lands, in light pink, are a place where no sin nor drop of hatred ever tainted the ground. A cathedral stands, imposing, amidst the calm and silent forest, full of critters and wild fauna.

    The brown area is where the lumberjacks provide wood to the whole empire, to build great ships and households for the populus.

    In green is the royal port... Tied directly to the main fortress of the kingdom. Within, a large ship, the crown of the empire's navy weighs anchor.

    In light blue we highlighted the area where the majority of the population of the kingdom will live, which will be a more traditional city within the walls of the kingdom, filled with shops, pubs, and lots of housing.

    And finally.... The main attraction of the whole place, a mysterious black tower shadowing the main fortress where the royalty sits upon their throne.

    Also, before we finish, some pictures of the current progress of the kingdom:


    1.The Tower.


    2. The northern keep.


    3.The FRA, an underground society beneath the northern keep.

    That is all, for now. What do you think, guys? I am hoping I can finish this project collaboration with InFoosion, and show you guys what we can do!


    Yo. It's me, Sedivh. I suppose this is an introductory post. I don't really know what to say, though.

    I'm like, 24 years old, and I am depressed, but video games do give me the serotonin so we do that

    I like minecraft for the fact you can build huge things and I'll definitely be doing a bit of that on this server.

    (I take a long time to finish things)

    I am a chill person. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'll always try to be friendly toward you. What's the worst that could happen?