Where can I build?

In every construction world and with sufficient distance to other players.

200 blocks between individual structures from different players;

50 blocks between territories marked with banners.

How do I claim my land?

You can only claim land starting from the rank of Prince. It would be advisable, however, to mark your building area with banners, thereby reserving the space for yourself for later.

Is there a farm world?

Yes, you can travel these at the spawn by the teleport table in the middle.

When will the farm world be reset?

The farm world is shifted by 1000 blocks every day at 1 PM.

The Nether farm world is shifted by 1000 blocks every day at 10 AM.

The End farm world is reset irregularly.

Are farms allowed to be built above the Nether Ceiling or in general?

Farms above the Nether ceiling are not allowed; in general, all farms should be built with consideration for server resources. In the Build End, there's a public Enderman farm right behind the statue.

Are there player shops / admin shops?

Yes, there are player shops.

In the teleportation table under 'weitere Orte' at 'Schmugglerversteck' you can get there.

You're allowed to build your own shop into the wall there. (Make sure not to disturb another player's shop!)

From the trader [Bill], you can buy merchant totems, which you can set up to display your offers.

There are no admin shops.

What are the most important commands?

With /commands, you can see the most useful commands.

With /links, you can view important links.

I need help! Who can I contact?

The Mage Order is responsible for the administration of Northdeers. Members (in-game names): Roydoom, ChemFlix, mocoma_, 0SArcheryGirl, Gatame, PinkYoshi96

All of them can be reached on Discord at any time.


How do I delete my account from the forum?

To do this, contact Kuri.

I lost my 2-factor authenticator, now what?

To do this, contact Kuri once on Discord (KurisuKurosu).


I have donated, how do I get my rewards now?

After your donation you will automatically receive the donation reward for this month! For the donation forum trophy, contact Kuri once.


Where can I vote?
Do I get a vote reward?

For every vote, you receive a vote box. Upon the 15th vote, you receive a special vote box containing better loot.