Where can I build?

Outside the spawn or in any other construction world.

How do I claim my land?

You don't claim any land, you can just look for a place and start building there. It would make sense to mark out your construction area with banners.

When will the farm world be reset?

Every Sunday ALL farm worlds are reset!

Is there a farm world?

Yes, you can travel these at the spawn by the teleport table in the middle.

Are farms allowed to be built above the Nether Ceiling or in general?

Farms above the Nether Ceiling are not allowed, generally any farm should be built server sparing. In the construction end there is a public Enderman farm directly behind the statue.


How do I delete my account from the forum?

To do this, contact Kuri.

I lost my 2-factor authenticator, now what?

To do this, contact Kuri once on Discord (Kurisu Kurosu#0800).


I have donated, how do I get my rewards now?

To redeem your rewards, contact Royd. For the forum trophy, report to Kuri once.


Where can I vote?
Do I get a vote reward?

For each vote you will receive a vote box. You can find an approximate idea of what is in these boxes here.