If you have already donated write to KurisuKurosu for your forum trophy.


you've probably just come from Northdeer and were considering supporting the server.

And just the fact that you're considering it tells me I'm doing something right. ^^

But of course you want to know what happens to the money you donate to me and the server.

Primarily I will use it to cover server costs, as well as some paid plugins. These are the standard costs I have to cover. If there should be something left over, I can use the surplus to develop the server or even hire a programmer to write a simple plugin. And if there's some left over from that money again, I'll buy myself a coffee. ^^

If you decide now to support me and Northdeer, I want to thank you very much, because you help me to realize a heart project.

- Royd


> A custom MapArt design

> Home background music (/jukebox)

> An own NPC

> Statue at the spawn

> Forum trophys.PNG

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