If you have already donated write to KurisuKurosu for your forum trophy.

Dear Northdeer,

we are pleased to introduce an exciting way to support our Minecraft server that will take your gaming experience to the next level!

As of now, we have set a monthly donation goal that we would like to reach with your help.

What can you expect?

Once the monthly donation goal is reached, all players - yes, even those who haven't donated - will receive a generous McMMO XP boost as a thank you. At Northdeer, we believe in fairness and want to reward all the players who make up our community.

It gets even better!

As an expression of our appreciation for your support, all donors will receive a new, exclusive cosmetic item each month. This item adds a personalized touch to your character and shows that you are a proud supporter of Northdeer.

Your support counts!

The collected donations are mainly used for server hardware maintenance and performance optimization. This way we ensure a smooth and performant game operation. Surplus funds are used to expand our services, be it through new plugins or the development of exciting content.

How can you participate?

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, brings us closer to our monthly donation goal. Click Donate below and help make Northdeer even better for all players!

Thank you for your generous support and participation in the Northdeer community. Together we can achieve great things!

Best wishes

Royd, Northdeer-Team

All donors will receive as a small thank you:

- A different hat each month

- A pet

- And of course when reaching the donation goal the McMMO XP-Boost

- Forums Trophy

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