If you have already donated write to KurisuKurosu for your forum trophy.
Since PayPal has discontinued their MoneyPool service, we have replaced the donation link with one from Ko-fi.


you've probably just come from Northdeer and were considering supporting the server.

And just the fact that you're considering it tells me I'm doing something right. ^^

But of course you want to know what happens to the money you donate to me and the server.

Primarily I will use it to cover server costs, as well as some paid plugins. These are the standard costs I have to cover. If there should be something left over, I can use the surplus to develop the server or even hire a programmer to write a simple plugin. And if there's some left over from that money again, I'll buy myself a coffee. ^^

If you decide now to support me and Northdeer, I want to thank you very much, because you help me to realize a heart project.

- Royd


> A custom MapArt design

> Home background music (/jukebox)

> An own NPC

> Statue at the spawn

> Forum trophys.PNG

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